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            Educational Integrator is a boon for Educational Institutions, Efficient Faculties and Research Scholars to establish their own web site.

            Join and build your own user friendly independent web page in Educational Integrator. Open an account in www.educationalintegrator.com and enjoy having your own site with number of benefits.

            The benefits of opening an account in Educational Integrator are:

  • You can have your own web site (as a part of Educational Integrator), with all kinds of freedom to modify the content at any time*.
  • You can add any number of side menus.
  • You can provide separate pages for your faculties (they can manage their own page- need not depend on you to modify)
  • You can provide space for your students, even if they become alumni, they can maintain their space.
  • Materials can be uploaded to your students.
  • You can upload any number of Photos to your Gallery and also Videos.
  • Special Advertisements also can be uploaded.
  • Above all the special thing is, this is a user friendly site and all the educational community can come under one roof.
  • A wide chance for integration among Institutions, Faculties, Students and Scholars.
  • All kinds of your privacy and freedom are protected*.

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